TrashEmail is hosted Telegram bot that can save your private email address by offering disposable email address. It can create, manage, disposable email address and link them with your telegram bot chat.

  • Where is the bot? - @trashemail_bot
  • How can I create dispoable mail id? - Decide a username & ask the bot 😄
  • How many email ids can I own at a time? - Right now, the count is 8.
  • How can I access my emails? - If there is an email for you, it will come to telegram 😄 Easy right.
  • Do I need to setup and remember any password? - No Sir, that’s the trick.
  • Why am I maintaining and hosting this? - This is my first such tool for community 😄 I wanted to give something back to community. If you like the idea and wanted to contribute then you can BuyMeACoffee
  • How many users are currently using it? - The information about active registered users and latest version of this service can be found here:
Rohit Sehgal
Rohit Sehgal
Travel, Code, Help and Excel

My research interests include Web Application security, Linux System security, Development and DevSecOps. And yes, I love nature, and nature photography.

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